About Duncan

I have an inbuilt, very instinctive passion for the natural world, for growing and for the celebration of each of the four very distinct but comparatively gentle seasons that we are fortunate enough to enjoy throughout the UK.


I live with my family in the beautiful county of Dorset having trained in horticulture during my late teens and early twenties in Hampshire (Sparsholt) and in Somerset (Cannington).  Home is within a Cider Orchard that we planted eight years ago and the launching of our own brand 'The Gardeners Orchard' has been an ambition just recently fulfilled. We surround ourselves with animals and they, my Business, the Orchard and my two daughters ensure my life is brimming full.


I have worked in Horticulture since leaving school and over the years I have developed my skills very much with a hands on approach that ensure my gardens 'work' in addition, I hope, to looking beautiful. I deliberately don't adopt a garden scale of importance, preferring to assume that each and every garden, be it 10 hectares and open to the public or 10 square metres with room only for baskets and earthenware, is equally precious to the enthusiastic owner.


My own garden is a perpetual 'work in progress' and sometimes I dream of long days with nothing to do but bury myself in the borders at home.  In the meantime, I am keen to improve everyone else's garden and am content that mine should be forever in the making. 


The Gardener's Orchard